Your time is too valuable to have negativity in your life.

Divorce is not the right solution for every situation. Here are some examples of alternative solutions.

Postnuptial Agreement

No one wants to argue over finances and assets. A postnuptial agreement can help in structuring and agreement going forward between couples for both assurances and management of their financial affairs.

Separation Agreement

A separation can be a good thing to reflect and clear your head. A separation agreement can assist in protecting your rights and preventing a separation from causing issues in a divorce proceeding should one of the parties wish to proceed forward with such.

Parenting Plan

Family values are extremely important. Studies have shown and the law supports that children succeed in life when they have both parents involved in their life. A parenting plan can help parents have structured agreements on how to best raise their children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is spousal support calculated?

First, spousal support order in Arizona is discretionary (not guaranteed). The court first will evaluate the facts of the case under ARS 25-319.

“I have heard it is 25% of gross income is that correct?” Incorrect, again it is based on the facts of the case and is determined by a variety of facts as stated in ARS 25-319.

If you would like a range calculation for negotiating click our live chat in the bottom and provide your average gross income and your spouses and the length of your marriage and we will be happy to provide an estimate for you.

If you fall within a 20 (marriage)/40(age), we recommend speaking to an attorney.

How is child support calculated?

This is a formula based calculation and you can find the current Arizona Child Support Calculator here.

Do I need an attorney for my divorce?

If you can reach agreements with your spouse, no, but we would recommend having a license attorney complete the orders and agreements to make sure nothing is missed or comes back to be as an issue later.

If you cannot reach an agreement you may need attorney to advise you and potentially represent you before the court. You can represent yourself, however, we do recommend having an attorney give you a legal opinion on any issues that you may need to argue before the court at minimum.

Who keeps the house?

Assuming you purchased the home after marriage, in short the person that can afford it. However, example: If there are children involved the court could order temporarily for that spouse to have temporary “exclusive use” of the home during the proceedings.

Assuming there is a mortgage left with equity and both parties are on the deed of trust. One spouse may be able to force the home to be sold. As to the proceeds being divided it would depend on other facts of your case. It is not always 50/50.

How is a business treated in a divorce?

It varies on the business and its structure. “I have heard that if I started my business before I was married my spouse is not entitled, is that correct?” Incorrect, again the facts are what matters here and a spouse may have at minimum a “good will” claim. Therefore, it is wise to have the facts evaluated by an attorney.

Can a bankruptcy have an impact on a divorce?

Yes it very well can. If you are considering both at the same time we recommend speaking with an attorney before taking any action.

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