Donna Jaffe

donna-jaffeFollowing graduation from Western State College of Law in Fullerton, California, where she had been granted a full academic scholarship, Donna Jaffe passed the bar examination in California in 1992, and in Arizona in 1997. She has been an attorney for over twenty years. In the past sixteen years she practiced only Family Law. Her cases have included Dissolution of Marriage, Non-Marital Custody Matter, Grandparent rights, Enforcement and Modification of prior orders.

Donna’s practice focuses on helping clients at all stages of life understand that there is a solution to their problems and that there is life, albeit a somewhat different life, after the litigation is concluded. One issue that she emphasizes in her practice is to seek a solution that protects the children of the parties from the stress that their parents may be suffering during the litigation and after.

Donna has settled or tried well over two hundred family law cases in her practice. In addition she has contributed to Law for Kids, an online educational resource, by answering legal questions from young people all over the country. Further, she provides low cost legal consultations to students at a local university and acts as an ombudsman for Community Legal services. Donna believes it is important that her clients understand the law and the procedures that shape their cases so that they may make intelligent decisions during the course of the litigation.











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