Legal rights and obligations under a binding agreement if not well-thought-out and structured correctly could have a serious impact on the outcome of a case.

Defending and enforcing some top litigations disputes nationwide.

Business Disputes and Receiverships

If everyone could run a business they would, but what sets successful businesses apart are sound structures to eliminate issues concerning ownership, business rights and illegal competitive practices. Before you take any action could a receiver be appointed along with other remedies which may be available?

Real Estate Disputes

The bundle of rights in real property and ownership have impact on issues relating to title defects, easements, restrictive covenants and more topics. Such as; is a seller liable for non-disclosed defects? Are ownership rights being taken? Are others claiming an interest in the owner’s property?

Contract Disputes

An inadequate structure of a contract can have a key impact in ligation. Is the contract legally binding? Are certain contract terms outweighed by law? Has a breach occurred which may trigger other breaches in a contract? What are the damages one can face by failure to properly follow contract terms?

 Contested Probates and Trusts

When the death of loved one takes place questions often arise as to how the affairs of the deceased are handled. In some cases questions arise as to whether a will or trust is valid. Is the personal representative or trustee acting legally? Are the beneficiaries being treated fairly or being wrongfully deprived of their interests?

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